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The Markets & Exchanges Convention

the success of Markets and Exchange Convention last year, we are now bringing this conference to Hong Kong – the Asian hub of corporate finance and trading. The conference will bring together broker-dealers, exchanges, banks and a wide range of related counter-parties, making this the single most important annual conference on the infrastructure and products of markets and exchanges in the Asia Pacific region.
As exchanges around the world build connectivity and access to each other’s pools of liquidity, the dynamics of competition and cooperation is changing dramatically. Connectivity between players in the value chain raises many technical issues, from STP to standards. Access to unregulated markets is changing how this industry will look like in the near future. Financial institutions as well as brokers, dealers, trustees and custodians need to be interacting more with each other so as to make sense of these critical shifts.

The Markets and Exchanges Convention is designed:

  • As a market place for global and regional providers of infrastructure, products, depth and liquidity to build the Markets and Exchanges business in the Asia Pacific region.
  • As a platform for dialogue between regulators and practitioners across markets, to push the markets business towards greater harmonization and cross-border interactivity
  • As an opportunity for treasurers in domestic financial institutions to identify product innovations that they can then pass on to their clients.

Who will attend this conference?

  • CEOs and senior managers of financial institutions who want to understand recent developments in markets and exchanges at the global level
  • Heads and senior executives of treasury and markets in banks
  • Heads and senior executives of companies that provide trading infrastructure
  • Senior executives of traders and fund managers wanting to grow their institutional client pool
  • Senior executives from custodian banks who wish to be updated on Asia’s domestic banks
  • Banking and markets regulators from across the region
  • Consultants and partners providing enterprise risk solutions to financial institutions.

Some key issues that we will focus on in the Markets and Exchanges Convention include:

  • Growth of Dark pools and Lit Pools in Asia and the impact on exchanges
  • How is the marketplace for alternative assets developing in Asia
  • Are ICSDs playing a larger role in bringing together diverse markets and asset classes
  • What are the latest trends in fast trading and algo-trading
  • The relevance of XBLR in managing risk and automations
  • Impact of aggregation on liquidity management for smaller exchanges
  • The growing clout of Asia as a commodities trading hub


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