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The Bank Technology and Innovation Conference

Thursday, 7th April 2011 at the JW Marriot, Hong Kong
08:30 – 10:30
Summit Opening Session

Welcome notes

  • David Eldon, Chairman, The Asian Banker Summit
  • He Guangbei, Chief Executive of Bank of China (HK) & Chairman of the Hong Kong Association of Banks

Keynote Address

  • Norman T L Chan, Chief Executive, Hong Kong Monetary Authority
The Leadership Dialogue

The keynote leadership dialogue will attempt to paint a picture of the future architecture of the financial services industry by mapping the ascent of ANZ bank as a pan-Asian financial institution through a panel discussion featuring:

  • Michael RP Smith, Chief Executive Officer, ANZ Bank
  • M. Ramaswami, President, Singapore Exchange
  • José María Roldán,Director General, Banking Regulation, Banco de España, Chair Standards Implementation Group, Basel Committee

Shape that the financial services industry should take for a sustainable future

  • An overview of current regulatory reforms in developed markets
  • The influence of the G20 and non-industry players
  • The impact of industry specific initiatives such as Basel III
  • Current trends towards cross-border consolidation in markets and exchanges

Dialogue Co-Chaired by Emmanuel Daniel, President & CEO, The Asian Banker, Gordian Gaeta, International Resource Director, The Asian Banker

10:30 11:00
Tea/Coffee Break
11:00 – 12:00
The Technology and Innovation Opening Keynote Session

At the heart of innovative banking

Innovation is changing the rules on how we are imagining our technology needs. We will discuss four topics of critical importance to Financial institutions, as technologies within businesses are no longer a part of the business but at its very heart. Understandings of technologies and innovation have become a necessary board level skill as technology drives today and the future.

  • What types of innovation will we see in products and services, distribution and sales channels, operations, and new business models?
  • Cloud computing: Why we are aggressively pursuing cloud deployment
  • Alternatives to Vendor Lock-In: Why can’t banks form pre-competitive consortia to develop the solutions the industry needs, and other innovative approaches
  • The CIO as both the Chief Innovation Officer as well as Information Officer

Speakers and panellists invited include:

  • Michael Harte, Group Executive, Enterprise Service, CIO, Commonwealth Bank of Australia
  • A. Rajan, Country Head, Operations, HDFC Bank
  • Umesh Jain, Chief Information Officer, YES Bank
  • David Lynch, Chief Information Officer, Standard Chartered (China)*
  • Girija Pande, Chairman of TCS Asia Pacific
  • Raja Gopalakrishnan, Group Managing Director – Asia, FIS
  • Michel Borst, Vice President, Financial Services, Asia Pacific/Japan, SAP
  • Virender Agarwal, President and Head of Asia, Africa and Middle East at HCL Technologies

Moderated by Alexander C. Escucha, First Vice President, China Banking Corp.

12:00 – 13:30
13:30 – 14:30
What have we learned from project cost and risk management in implementing core banking projects?

Not all core banking implementations succeed or meet their intended outcome. A lot of core banking implementations yield less than remarkable
improvements, create unhealthy frustration and exceed their initial budget.

Banks and their IT partners have sometimes mismanaged implementations due to unclear long-term business goals, an underestimation of the challenges and effort in business process re-engineering, and a lack of transparency in communication during the project. How can banks ensure that the long and exacting implementation yield sustainable and scalable results?

  • Best practices in core banking implementations
  • Proper project and resource cost identification and management practices
  • Pro active risk management and reporting capabilities

Speakers and panellists invited include:

  • Joanna Flinn, Author, The Success Health check for IT Projects
  • K. T. Chang, Chief Information Officer, Cathay United Bank
  • Math Chueh, VP & Deputy General Manager, Electronic Banking, Cathay United Bank
  • Zhou Heng Chang, Chief Information Officer, and Jin Huijun, Operation and Maintenance Manager, Shanghai Rural Commercial Bank
  • Ou Yang Yao Guang, Vice President and Tang Dama, Chief Information Officer, Tai Fung Bank
  • James Buckley, Director, CoE, TCS BaNCS - Core Banking - Tata Consultancy Services

Moderated by Alexander C. Escucha, First Vice President, China Banking Corp.

14:30 – 15:30
Building trust and loyalty through product and contact customization

With the simultaneous changes in customer behavior and preference, and the rise of social media, banks are finding their traditional methods to be ineffective in reaching out to customers. Social media savvy customers demand a different way of engagement from their banks and are distrustful of institutions that employ a one-sized-fits-all approach.

How can banks better engage them and build trust and loyalty? What are the best practices in successful loyalty programmes that avoid the commoditization? Loyalty marketing in practice - successful case studies from around the world

  • How to align engagement loyalty programs to optimize the customer experience
  • Avoiding Commoditization: Innovative ways to reach out to your customers to encourage trust and loyalty
  • The importance of having a single view of your customer across all products and services

Speakers and panellists invited include:

  • Girish Suryaprakash, VP & Head of Portfolio Management ADCB*
  • Jack W., Co-founder and Technologist, BigDeal.SG Co-founder and CEO, CareerAlbum
  • Mavis Liew, Vice President, Marketing, Welcome Real-time
  • Karl Schuster, President, Asia Pacific, Carlson Marketing

Moderated by Peter Hoflich, Managing editor, The Asian Banker & Enoch Ch’ng, Senior Lecturer, Information Systems, Director, Master IT in
Business (Financial Services), SMU

15:30 – 16:00
Tea/Coffee Break
16:00 – 17:00
Can the banking industry afford to ignore cloud computing?

Banks have identified regulator concerns as one of the significant barriers towards cloud computing adoption. Yet cloud computing allows for faster
turn-around times for product and software application development, making the bank more agile for emerging growth and business opportunities.

How will an effective infrastructure standardization programme coupled with a properly executed cloud computing implementation enable banks
to innovate, create new products and integrate channel delivery for sustainable growth?

Speakers and panellists invited include:

  • A. Rajan, Country Head, Operations, HDFC Bank
  • David Lynch, Chief Information Officer, Standard Chartered (China)*
  • T.K.Srivastava, General Manager, Dept. of Information Technology, Union Bank of India*
  • Aloysius Cheang, Asia Pacific Strategy Adviser, Cloud Security Alliance
  • Bradden Wondra, Chief Technology Officer, Enterprise Services HP

Moderated by Umesh Jain, Chief Information Officer, YES Bank

Friday, 8th April 2011
09:00 – 10:00
Customer Engagement - Next Generation Channel strategies

While technology advances and consumer attitudes to banks and banking change rapidly, delivering a consistent and uniformly engaging service-experience across a multitude of channels continues to be relevant. But many banks are finding it difficult to work around the limitations of their disconnected channel infrastructures to achieve this. Adding to this, customers’ increasing reliance on social networks for complex decision-making is often rendering traditional selling techniques ineffective.

What can banks do to ensure that they are well-positioned to benefit from this changing landscape? As channels proliferate, what are the pitfalls banks need to avoid, and how do banks plan to realize long-term business value from their significant channel investments? Specific areas, questions and issues that will be explored in this discussion include:

  • Smart customer service models: Balancing consistency, customer centricity, operational efficiency and usability by selling through servicing
  • Understanding customer lifecycles and plan to actively realize Customer Lifetime Value
  • Shaping customer perceptions to drive business growth in the era of social networks

Speakers and panellists invited include:

  • Stuart Harle, Director, Intelligence Delivered
  • Jack W, Co-founder & Technologist, BigDeal.SG Co-founder & CEO, CareerAlbum
  • Matthew Dooley, Head Direct Customer Experience HSBC
  • Brian Birt, General Manager, Financial Solutions Group, ASEAN, Japan and Korea, FIS
  • Rick Woodham, Head - ASEAN Business Solutions Group, FIS

Moderated by: Alexander C. Escucha, First Vice President, China Banking Corp.& Enoch Ch’ng, Senior Lecturer, Information Systems, Director, Master IT in Business (Financial Services), SMU

10:00 – 11:00
Where is the money in mobile e-wallets and contactless services?

The explosive growth in the use of online and e-channels for banking have begun. In some countries where mobile banking growth is outpacing internet banking growth, banks are rushing to provide integrated e-channel services.

In this session we look at how banks are gearing up to meet the needs and expectations of the mobile native generations X, Y and Z. With the rapid decline of cheques and giro’s with the emergence of NFC and mobile phones, plastic cards will soon be a thing of the past. In this session we will look at the technology and risks involved for these emerging technologies as well as the rise of new non-bank players such as Square and Paypal.

  • The rise of the mobile consumer
  • Two factor authentication the risk solution
  • Will these new contact channels mean leaner and fewer branches?
  • The emergence of non-bank competitors meeting user needs.

Speakers and panellists invited include:

  • Fang Fang, Senior Analyst, Shanghai Pudong Development Bank
  • Matthew Dooley, Head Direct Customer Experience HSBC
  • Chakrapani, Head SEAP, Mobile Financial Services, Nokia
  • Tarik Husain, Business Development Director, mCommerce, Sybase 365

Moderator by Umesh Jain, Chief Information Officer, YES Bank

11:00 – 11:30
Tea/Coffee Break

11:30 – 12:30
Re-engineering business processes in response to emerging technologies

Branches are only one channel that customers can use to satisfy their banking needs. Branch transformation has been in process in most of banks in Asia already. Through the new range of services and facilities housed in a more contemporary branch layout, can customers expect smoother service deliveries for convenience and comfort? European banks have tried to transform branch and call centre to be the hub for customer service, while leading in transaction automation channels such as ATM and mobile banking. Will this mixed model appeal to customers in Asia?

We look at selected examples of recent bank business process re-engineering initiatives in response to changes in

  • Customer channel preferences
  • New products & services
  • Regulation and compliance
  • Customer experience and satisfaction, through back end streamlined processes.
  • Global sourcing, developments in white-labeling

Speakers and panellists invited include:

  • Pan Peidong, Vice General Manager, Operation & Management Dept, Shanghai Pudong Development Bank
  • Chakrapani, Head SEAP, Mobile Financial Services, Nokia
  • Vijay Sharma, Sr. Vice-President, Oracle Financial Services Consulting

Moderated by Devabalan Theyventheren, Director, GIOD Business Process Development, CIMB & Enoch Ch’ng, Senior Lecturer, Information Systems,
Director, Master IT in Business (Financial Services), SMU

12:30 – 14:00
14:00 – 15:00
Evaluating and internalising emerging technologies and the culture of innovation

New technologies confront the industry every other day. Some are important, but we don’t know which ones. Some require us to change the way we think about our own business models, but not all financial institutions do that very well. The culture of innovation is a beast that besets us all, and yet we need to tame it to work for us.

Looking at specific instances of trying to introduce innovation into the banking and securities industries in recent years, the panel of speakers comprising notable experts from Europe as well as Asia will examine what works and what does not work. Yet some of the answers in making new technologies work require collaborating between players. In essence, the dialogue will attempt to answer the following questions:

How the financial industry deal with Innovation?
What are the biggest challenges of spreading the innovation breeze in a complex organisation?
We will give concrete examples of different aspects of innovation, in a variety of fields such as

  • Idea generation and employees co-creation
  • Collaborative vs competitive innovation
  • The right to fail, and fail wisely
  • How to fund and give resources to ideas within the innovation context
  • How to measure success in innovation?
  • Innovation and IT: how to make it work

Speakers and panellists invited include:

  • Raymond Cheng, Chief Technology & Services Officer Hong Kong, Technology and Services Asia Pacific, HSBC*
  • Rizzi Matteo, Innovation Leader, SWIFT
  • Kosta Peric, Head of Innovation, SWIFT
  • Devabalan Theyventheren, Director, GIOD Business Process Development, CIMB*
Moderated by Alexander Escucha, First Vice President, China Banking Corp.
15:00 – 16:00
Solving the disconnect between front-line tools and customer analytics

Although banks have been trying to integrate their data and improve their CRM, there is still a disconnect between the available tools that front-line bankers have access to and the transaction history, credit analysis, and customer portfolio from back-office analytics.

How can banks bridge the information gap between the business line and analytics? How can they leverage on the insights from customer analysis to
create customer-oriented products for different lifecycles? How can they ensure that customer experience across all touchpoints is customized based on a client’s preference and profile?

Speakers and panellists invited include:

  • Virender Agarwal, President and Head of Asia, Africa and Middle East at HCL Technologies
  • Matthew Dooley, Head Direct Customer Experience HSBC
  • Stuart Harle, Director, Intelligence Delivered

Moderated by Devabalan Theyventheren, Director, GIOD Business Process Development, CIMB & Enoch Ch’ng, Senior Lecturer, Information Systems,
Director, Master IT in Business (Financial Services), SMU

16:00 – 17:30
Summit Closing Keynote Session

What should bankers live for
A 1-on- 1 interview with Michael Bernard DeNoma, Chairman, Chinatrust Commercial Bank one of the more aggressively growing Pan-Asian franchises.

On March the 28th 2011 Mr. Michael Bernard DeNoma completed the cross-country marathon dubbed "the Protect the Children 400 Km Ultra- Marathon". Mr. Michael Bernard DeNoma ran the 400km ultra-marathon from Kaohsiung to Taipei as Part of China's Silk Road Run to help raise
awareness on the issues of water shortages. When Mr. DeNoma is not running marathon's for great causes he has expanded the Chinatrust
Commercial Bank franchise to become a truly greater China institution. Chinatrust Commercial Bank has 145 domestic and 75 overseas outlets
and is the Taiwanese bank with the most extensive international network.

Mr. DeNoma is more closely associated with causes like the ICMEC and his work with 'Light Up A Life' campaign. This has not prevented the
Chinatrust Commercial Bank from growing many folds since he became chairman.

  • Who is this man and where is he taking the bank?
  • What can we learn from him about what matters and what doesn't in growing a franchise?
  • What is his real impact on the institution and how will his achievements be measured?
  • In a world where bankers have been closely associated with greed what does it mean to care?
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