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  Keynote Speakers
Mr Liu Mingkang
chairman, China Banking Regulatory Commission

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Liu Mingkang took office as chairman of the China Banking Regulatory Commission (CBRC) in March 2003. He has also been serving as a member of the Monetary Policy Committee of the People’s Bank of China since then. Before heading the CBRC, Mr. Liu held various top positions in both banking institutions and government agencies, including, among others, chairman and president of Bank of China, chairman of China Everbright Group, deputy governor of the People’s Bank of China, deputy governor of China Development Bank, deputy governor of Fujian province and the secretary-general of Fujian province.

Dr Jeffrey Lacker
president, Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond

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Dr Lacker is president of the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond and a voting member of the Federal Open Market Committee of the Federal Reserve System. The Richmond jurisdiction form the largest financial district in the US outside of New York. Dr Lacker was in the thick of the action as the crisis fully broke out in 2008 as Bank of America and Wachovia are in his supervisory jurisdiction. Previously, Dr Lacker had been director of research at the Bank, and before that, a professor of economics at the Krannert School of Management, Purdue University. He is the author of numerous articles in professional journals on monetary, financial, and payment economics.
Ms Julie Dickson
superintendent, Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions

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As head of Canada’s Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions (OSFI), Ms Dickson oversees what is currently regarded to be the most resilient national regulatory framework. Canada’s banks have weathered the banking crisis better than most, and has three of the ten largest banks in North America in 2009 despite having six percent of the continent of its peer population. Prior to joining OSFI, Ms Dickson served for 15 years with the Department of Finance in the federal government, primarily in areas related to financial institution policy. She is a member of the Accounting Standards Oversight Council of Canada and represents OSFI on the Financial Stability Forum and the Integrated Supervisors Group.
Dr Xiang Junbo
chairman, Agricultural Bank of China

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Dr Xiang Junbo is the chairman of the Agricultural Bank of China (ABC), one of China’s “Big Four” banks. ABC’s 24,400 outlets, branches and sub-branches make it the largest physical banking branch network in the world. He is at the helm of the bank at a pivotal time in its history, with its initial public offering of shares expected in the near future. Previously, Dr Xiang was a deputy governor at the People’s Bank of China (PBOC) and president of the PBOC Shanghai Head Office. He also has extensive experience in auditing and risk control, having overseen China’s auditing regime at the National Audit Office of China, where he was deputy auditor general through 2002.

Mr Ji Xiaohui
chairman, Shanghai Pudong Development Bank

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Ji Xiaohui is chairman of Shanghai Pudong Development Bank (SPDB), a national stock commercial bank headquartered in Shanghai. He was appointed to the position in April 2007. Mr. Ji also currently serves as chairman of the Shanghai International Group, the investment arm of the municipal government which owns a 34 percent stake in SPDB. Previously, Mr. Ji was the director general of the financial services office of the Shanghai government. He was also a 25-year veteran of the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, currently the world’s largest bank by market capitalisation, where he served in a number of key management positions.
Dr Malcolm Knight
vice chairman, Deutsche Bank & fomer GM, Bank for International Settlements

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Dr Malcom Knight is responsible for developing and coordinating a coherent group-wide approach to global issues in financial regulation, supervision and stability at Deutsche Bank. From 2003 to 2008, he served as general manager and chief executive of the Bank for International Settlements, also known as the central bankers’ bank. Before that he held posts as senior deputy governor of the Bank of Canada and as deputy director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF). Dr Knight is a former trustee of the International Accounting Standards Committee Foundation, a member of the Financial Stability Forum, and the Honorary Senate of the Lindau Nobel Prizewinners Foundation.

The Risk, Regulation & Governance Conference 2009

Mr Jason George
senior financial sector specialist, Financial Stability Institute, Bank for International Settlements

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Jason George is responsible for disseminating guidance on sound practices for effective banking supervision at the FSI. He joined the FSI from Thailand, where, in the wake of the Asian crisis, he served as an IMF advisor to the Bank of Thailand. Before that, he was at the National Bank of Croatia and the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC). At the FDIC, he played a key role in the resolution of some of the largest bank failures in US history and directed capital markets supervisory activities in the western US.
Mr Liu Chunhang
director general of the statistics department and research department at China Banking Regulatory Commission.

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Mr Liu Chunhang is Director General of the Statistics Department and Research Department at China Banking Regulatory Commission. Mr Liu received his PhD degree from Cambridge University and MBA degree from Harvard Business School. Prior to joining CBRC, he worked at Morgan Stanley and McKinsey on the restructuring of multinational firms and financial institutions. He was also a senior research fellow at Development Studies, Cambridge University and Director of China Industry Development Research Centre, Beijing University. Publications include Multinationals, Globalisation and Indigenous Firms in China (Routledge 2009), Strategy of Multinational Firms and Development of Indigenous Firms in China (Zhongxin 2009).
Mr Takashi Kozu
deputy director general, international relations, Bank of Japan

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Takashi Kozu is one of the world’s foremost experts on the linkages between the financial system and the real economy. He is currently the deputy director-general of international relations at the Bank of Japan (BOJ) and has served as a member the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision since 2006. He also heads BOJ’s Center for Advanced Financial Technology and is the deputy chairman of the Working Group on Banking Supervision of the Executives’ Meeting of East Asia and Pacific central banks.
Mr Yin Long
deputy director general, supervisory cooperation department, banking innovation, China Banking Regulatory Commission

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Before taking on his current role, Mr Yin Long served in CBRC’s supervisory rules and regulations department. He joined the People’s Bank of China in 1997 and since then has been responsible for policy making and implementation on financial innovation, asset management and derivatives supervision for banks registered in China. Before that, he served in the trade finance department and strategic department committee of China Minsheng Bank. He is also a visiting professor at the Central University of Finance and Economics and the award winning chief researcher of the China Center for Financial Research and the reviewer of National Social Science Foundation.
Mr Colin Lawrence
head, prudential risk, FSA

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Colin Lawrence joined the FSA in 2008 as the director of prudential risk. Before that, he has held senior positions including that of global head of financial products at Republic National Bank, global head of risk management at Barclays, global head of fixed income derivatives at Union Bank of Switzerland, and most recently, risk management and compliance consulting services leader for IBM in Greater China and the Asia Pacific. He has published widely in professional journals and has advised regulators on issues ranging from exchange rate policies to the Basel directives.
Teresa Curran
group vice president, banking supervision and regulation, Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco

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Teresa Curran is responsible for overseeing the supervision of all domestic and foreign financial institutions under the jurisdiction of the San Francisco Federal Reserve. She joined the organisation in 1995 as Asia regional manager, monitoring and analyzing financial sector developments in Asia. Before that, Teresa served with the U.S. executive director at the Asian Development Bank, as an international economist at the U.S. Department of the Treasury, and as a staff member of the Committee on Foreign Affairs of the U.S. House of Representatives.
Mr Martin Maurer
secretary general, Association of Foreign Banks in Switzerland

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Martin Maurer has held the post of general secretary of the Association of Foreign Banks in Switzerland since 2001. Prior to this, he was a PwC banking consultant and the general secretary of the Swiss Bankers’ Association where he was in charge of commissions and working groups on financial market regulations and accounting issues. As a Swiss National Bank economist, he also took part in the Swiss negotiation groups on capital export and liberalisation of financial services in the EEA-treaty negotiations.
Mr Tsuyoshi Oyama
director, risk and regulatory advisory, PwC Aarata & former department director general, Bank of Japan

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Tsuyoshi Oyama joined PwC in 2008 after 20 years at the Bank of Japan, most recently as director-general in the financial system and bank examination department. At the Bank of Japan, he conducted several projects to deal with Japanese banks’ NPL problem and recently to lead Basel II implementation in Japan, including Pillar II (economic capital management), IRB and AMA. Up until June 2008, Mr Oyama had worked as a member of several meetings related to the Basel Committee on Bank Supervision.
Mr Andrew Carriline
managing director, risk management, Westpac Banking Corporation

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Since joining Westpac Banking Corporation in 1996, Andrew Carriline has played a key role in the bank’s extensive outsourcing and M&A agenda, including the sale of AGC and acquisition of BT and Rothschild. Since 2002, Andrew has held various senior roles in the risk and sourcing areas of Westpac. Mr Andrew’s current responsibilities include group risk, group operational risk and compliance, group secretariat and general counsel in the public sector at the Commonwealth attorney general’s department and in private practice at Freehills.
Mr Craig Lewis Bond
executive vice president, finance & strategy, Bank of China

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Craig Bond joined Standard Bank as director of credit card services and priority banking and worked his way up to the bank’s chief executive role. In 2008 he was appointed chief executive of Standard Bank, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China ventures. Previously he served as the managing director of South Africa’s largest tourism group, Tourvest. He was also the managing director of American Express card, travel and foreign exchange services and general manager of branch, personal and private banking for Nedbank. Bond has also been chairman of American Express SA, Diners Club SA, Barclaycard SA and MasterCard International’s South Asia Middle East Africa Board of Directors.
Mr David Li
executive director and head of risk management, CICC

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David Li joint CICC as an executive director and head of risk management in June 2008. He is currently responsible for firm-wide risk management and quantitative analytics at CICC.Previously he worked at Citigroup and Barclays Capital to lead the credit derivative quantitative research efforts. He also worked at AXA Financial as VP of risk management and as a researcher/partner at The Riskmetrics Group.
Kazuyo Hachisuka
director general, Development Bank of Japan

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Kazuyo is the director general of ALM and risk management at the Development Bank of Japan (DBJ), which now plays a key role in Japan’s government stimulus package. He has more than 20 years of experience, mostly in corporate strategy and risk management in commercial banking but also with the World Bank as a private sector development specialist. DBJ became a joint stock company last year and Kazuyo’s current task includes putting the right ALM and risk management in place for future privatisation.
Dr Li Lin
head, strategy, Shanghai Pudong Development Bank

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Dr Li Lin has a Bachelor in Engineering, Master in Economics, and a Ph.D in Management. He has been working for a famous state-owned bank for several years before joining Shanghai Pudong Development Bank as the Head of Strategy & Development Department. The major areas he specialises in include Credit Management, Risk Management, Industrial Risk Control, Value Assessment, Strategy Management, Regional & Industrial planning, and Asset Management.

Mr Morten Friis
chief risk officer & member of the group executive committee, Royal Bank of Canada

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As Chief Risk Officer, Mr Friis oversees the strategic management of risk on an enterprise-wide basis. He is one of the nine members of RBC’s Group Executive, which sets the overall strategic direction of RBC. Mr Friis joined RBC in 1979 and was appointed Chief Risk Officer in 2004. Prior to this position, he spent nearly two decades in various business lines in financial services before joining RBC’s group risk management in 1997 with primary responsibility for credit and counterparty risk issues before rising to executive vice-president and chief credit officer for RBC.

Mr Tham Ming Soong
head, risk management, United Overseas Bank

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Tham Ming Soong is responsible for providing strategic risk management guidance for credit, market, and operational risks for the group’s banking, fund management and insurance businesses. Previously, he was the director of financial risk at the Monetary Authority of Singapore and group head of market risk for the Overseas Chinese Banking Corporation.
Mr Takayuki Sawano
head, investor relations, Daiwa Securities

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Takayuki Sawano is the head of investor relations at Daiwa Securities Group Inc. in Tokyo. He joined Daiwa in 1986 and has worked mostly at overseas branches such as Geneva, Amsterdam, London, and most recently as head of equities at Daiwa Securities America in New York where he was supervisor for marketing Japanese equities, Asian equities, US equities, and overall trading activities. He was also involved in various projects such as opening of San Francisco branch.

Mr William Yao
chief retail credit officer, Taishin Bank

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William Yao is the chief retail credit officer at Taishin, responsible for credit policies and risk management for all retail products. Recently, he completed a remarkable 18-month overhaul of Taishin’s credit risk processes – resulting in the bank now having one of the best NPL numbers according to a independent VISA report. Before Taishin, he headed modeling and recovery at HSBC and Bank of America, built behavioral risk models at Capital One and was a senior scientist and risk manager with Fair Isaac.
Mr Wang Qing
chief economist, Greater China, Morgan Stanley

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Wang Qing joined Morgan Stanley in May 2007 from Bank of America where he was the head of economics & strategy for Greater China. Prior to that, Mr. Wang spent six years as an economist with the International Monetary Fund in Washington, D.C. covering member countries in Asia, Eastern Europe, and Middle East. He was also actively involved in strengthening and implementing IMF’s surveillance policy framework. He has a Ph.D. in economics from the University of Maryland at College Park, USA.
Dr Zhu Min
executive vice president, Finance & Strategy, Bank of China

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Dr Zhu Min is group executive vice president of the Bank of China, responsible for group’s finance, internal control, legal and compliance, strategy and research. He joined the Bank of China in 1996, and led the group restructuring and the US$ 15 billion IPO in 2006, and the Bank of China Hong Kong restructuring and IPO in 2002. Prior to joining the Bank of China, Dr Zhu worked as an economist at the World Bank in Washington, D.C. Before that he taught economics at Johns Hopkins University and Fudan University.

Mr Michael Hamar
former chief risk officer, National Australia Bank Group

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Michael Hamar was the group chief risk officer of the National Australia Bank Group with overall responsibility for all risk management up untill January 2009. He joined the bank in December 2004 from the Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA) where he managed the institutional and business services’ risk management function. Prior to joining CBA, Michael was chief credit officer for Chase Manhattan Bank for Greater China and the Philippines and managing director in the emerging markets division.

Mr Mark Lawrence
managing director, Mark Lawrence Group & senior advisor, McKinsey & Co.

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Mark Lawrence is MD of the Mark Lawrence Group, a Melbourne-based global risk consultancy. He advises major Australian, Asian and international financial institutions and regulators on risk management issues, including Basel II implementation; market, credit, liquidity, counterparty, and operational risk measurement and management; risk disclosure and transparency; and risk culture, compensation and governance. Prior to this, he was an expert principal at McKinsey & Company and the chief risk officer at ANZ Bank.
Mr Charles Richards
co-founder, senior vice president and director of marketing of Quantitative Risk Management, Inc

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Mr Richard has over 20 years of experience in the field of enterprise risk management, balance sheet management and mortgage banking secondary marketing, and is a frequent speaker at industry-related conferences and events. During his tenure at QRM, Mr Richard has consulted with hundreds of financial institutions world wide and helped QRM build and international client base that now lists over 250 long term engagements.

Mr Shane McGriff
vice president, enterprise risk services, Capgemini Financial Services SBU

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Shane McGriff has 16 years of successful experience leading credit risk and economic capital project engagements for major banks, including TD Banknorth, SunTrust, Compass Bank and BancorpSouth. His role in bank risk initiatives today include developing the blueprint for how banks comply with Basel II and to develop portfolio management capabilities that reduce risk and improve returns. He joined Capgemini in 2002, leading project implementations of data mart solutions at Compass Bank and Regions.

Mr Jean-Sebastien Py
head, professional services, Asia, Sophis

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Jean-Sebastien Py leads Sophis’ professional services team in implementing risk and trading systems in many of the world’s leading banks, asset management institutions and hedge funds. He began his career in North America, doing R&D on artificial intelligence and neural chips. He started financial and risk management career in Europe, then moved to Asia in 2005 to take part in the launch of Sophis’ branch. His years in Asia gave him insight into risk management practices from a global perspective.

Mr Vincent Dupuis
chief technology officer, Viveo Cognitive Systems

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Vincent Dupuis is Viveo Cognitive Systems (VCS) chief technology officer, in charge of overseeing the products architecture and design. VCS is the competence centre for straight through processing and anti money laundering and risk management in the Viveo Group. He has a wide technical, system and business experience acquired over several decades of professional work in technology and the financial services industry.

Saloni Ramakrishna
principal architect, risk and compliance solutions, Asia Pacific & Japan, Oracle Financial Services

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Saloni is Oracle Financial Services’ leader for the design, development and implementation of risk solutions. She has been focusing on architecting enterprise analytics solutions for banks in the Asia-Pacific and Japanese markets for the past several years. She brings with her a rich banking experience spanning nearly two decades in most areas of banking, especially in credit, finance and asset liability management.



Ms Donna K. Alexander
president, BAFT

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Donna Alexander joined BAFT in 2008, bringing with her 27 years of experience in financial services policy issues and regulatory matters to spearhead BAFT’s strategic initiatives for the global payments and trade community. Throughout her career with the US Congress, a large international law firm, a financial services trade association, and as a consultant, she worked closely with industry leaders and policymakers in investment and commercial banking, and the global insurance markets. She is licenced to practice law in the District of Columbia and before the US Supreme Court.

Ms Gwynne Master
head, banks, Asia, global transactional sales, Barclays Commercial Bank
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Gwynne Master was appointed head of banks in Asia for the global transactional sales division of Barclays Commercial in 2008. She joined Barclays from Wachovia Bank where she had been MD for Southeast Asia in the global financial institutions and trade services group. She has had extensive banking experience covering territories in Europe, the Middle East and the Asia Pacific. Ms Master holds a Masters degree in International Relations from George Washington University.

Mr Howard F. Bascom Jr.
chairman, Bankers’ Association for Finance and Trade and managing director and head of Global Trade, The Bank of New York Mellon

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Howard Bascom is responsible for the Bank of New York Mellon’s trade finance activities, including the sales, marketing and delivery of trade processing and trade financing solutions. He started his career with the bank in 1979, and became a part of the international banking division in 1983 with responsibility for the bank’s correspondent banking business in North Asia. He currently serves as the vice-chairman of the Bankers’ Association for Finance and Trade (BAFT).

Mr Jae Ha Han
manager, business development, Korea Export Insurance Corporation
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Jae Ha Han is the manager of the business development division at Korea Export Insurance Corporation (KEIC), a wholly state-owned corporation that insures and provides guarantees against political and commercial risks, fulfilling its official remit in facilitating and promoting exports from the country. KEIC’s underwriting in 2006 totaled KRW 82 trillion (21.4% of the total value of Korea’s exports), a 13% rise over KRW 73 trillion in the previous year.

Mr Jeremy J. O’B. Wilson
vice chairman, Barclays Commercial Bank & chairman, global councils, BAFT

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Jeremy J. Wilson is responsible for engagement with Barclays’ major corporate and institutional customers in the development of new business and maintenance of key relationships. Previously, he was responsible for the operational banking needs of Barclays’ financial institution and large corporate clients. Mr Wilson is also chairman of the Barclays Group Credit Committee; chairman of Bloomsbury Publishing based in Washington, co-chairman of the European Advisory Council and chairman of global councils for the Bankers’ Association for Finance and Trade.

Mr Kavin Tsai
general manager, factoring, trade finance, China Minsheng
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Prior to joining China Minsheng, Kavin Tsai served as EVP for HSBC Factors Taiwan and Chailease Finance (CFCL). He played a key role in guiding CFCL to become the top leading financial company in Taiwan, winning “The Best Export Factor of Year Award” for four consecutive years and “The Best Factor of Year Award” once. Kavin has gained extensive experience in the factoring business over the last 18 years, leading major core teams including business development, risk analysis and management and strategy planning.

Mr Liang Zhidong
executive vice president, Sinosure
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Mr Liang Zhidong has over 30 years experience in the industry, mainly in the areas of risk management and financing advisory. As the executive vice-president, Mr Liang plays a very influential role in key operational and strategic areas for the China Export & Credit Insurance Corporation (Sinosure), the only policy-oriented Chinese insurance company specialising in export credit insurance. He has spearheaded Sinosure’s strategic alliances and investment cooperation agreements in a wide range of sectors across the Asia-Pacific, Middle East and Africa.

Ms Lynne Gerber
vice president, international compliance, Wells Fargo
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Lynne Gerber’s compliance responsibilities at Wells Fargo are focused around key international banking areas such as correspondent banking, international personal banking and foreign branches. She has an extensive background in banking and compliance in the US and internationally, with previous experiences in consumer compliance, eight years in private banking and brokerage compliance and two decades in lending with the Bank of America.

Mr Martin Chai
head, trade finance and global financial institutions, CIMB

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Martin Chai is currently the director and head of Trade Finance (TF) and Global Financial Institutions (GFI) within the international banking and transactional services division (IBTS) of CIMB Investment Bank. He is responsible for the business of TF and GFI as one of the key strategic business units of CIMB, Malaysia’s second largest lender. Mr Chai’s business purview spans product solutions, transaction originations, service fulfillment as well as business development.

Mr Matthew Welch
managing director and head, financial institutions, Asia, ING

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Mathew Welch was appointed head of financial institutions in Asia for ING in 2008. Prior to ING, he spent a year with Temasek Holdings as a managing director with a focus on financial institutions. In this role, he was a board member of various investee institutions in India and China. Between 2003-2007, he was head of financial institutions Asia and global head of the banks business for Standard Chartered. Before that, he was at McKinsey where he helped build the FI practice in SE Asia and at Merrill Lynch, where he was a director in the investment-banking group.

Mr Neil Daswani
managing director and regional head, transaction banking, Northeast Asia, Standard Chartered Bank
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Neil Daswani was appointed regional head of transaction banking for Standard Chartered in North Asia in 2008. Currently based in Hong Kong, he has been with Standard Chartered for 17 years and held numerous senior management positions spanning corporate banking, risk management, operations and branch banking in the Asia Pacific and the Middle East. Before being assigned to lead the next phase of the bank’s transaction banking business growth in the north Asia region, he served very successfully as the global head of securities services for Standard Chartered.

Mr Percy Batliwalla
managing director and head, financial institutions, Asia Pacific, JPMorgan Treasury Services

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Based in Singapore, Percy Batliwalla joined JPMorgan in 2004 and his primary responsibilities include sales management, complex solutions and providing outsourcing services to financial institutions. A career banker who has held senior roles in corporate banking, corporate finance, structured trade and corporate audit, Percy was previously with GE Capital as the corporate finance head for Western and South India and was also instrumental in the set up of the trade banking business for American Express Bank in both India and Singapore.

Mr Songpol Chevapanyaroj
first senior vice president, corporate business, Kasikorn Bank

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Songpol Chevapanyaroj has extensive experie nce in banking, including 12 years in the capital markets and treasury business. He integrated Kbank’s corporate product suite, leading to an increased overall market share of over 20% in 2008. Earlier in his career, as the head of Kbank’s capital market business division, he achieved a revenue increase of more than 40% per year and tripled volume within four years. Songpol was named one of The 50 Most Promising Young Bankers in the Asia Pacific and Middle East regions by The Asian Banker in 2008.

Mr Steinar Zinke
head, Asia Pacific, global credit risk management, JP Morgan
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Steinar Zinke manages a team of 130 risk professionals across the region with prime responsibility for credit approvals, portfolio management and transaction and documentation execution. He joined JPMorgan 11 years ago and held a number of senior positions with the bank in Frankfurt and London before relocating to Singapore in 2005. In London, he ran the Credit Portfolio Group for Europe, Middle East and Africa. Prior to JPMorgan, he had held positions in debt capital markets, corporate banking and risk management for NatWest Markets and Barclays Bank.

Mr Subin Subaiah
head, global product solutions, financial institutions, Asia, Bank of America

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Subin Subaiah heads Bank of America’s global treasury services business across the financial institutions client space in Asia. Prior to joining Bank of America in 2005, he spent six years with Deutsche Bank Singapore with responsibilities for FI relationship management and the cash and trade businesses. Mr Subaiah spent his first twenty years in banking with Bankers Trust in a variety of senior positions in India, Hong Kong and Singapore in the bank’s transaction banking and investment banking businesses, covering clients across Asia.

Mr T. S. Shankar
senior vice president, global product solutions, financial institutions, SE Asia/Japan/India, Bank of America
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T.S. Shankar is SVP for product sales - financial institutions covering Australia, New Zealand, India and South East Asia for Bank of America based in Singapore. In this role, he is responsible for revenue goals across the cash, trade and banknotes product suite targeting banks and NBFIs. A 17- year old veteran at Bank of America, Mr Shankar has held responsibilities in various businesses with the bank including the Non Resident India (NRI) business, financial institutions relationship management, trade and cash management sales.

Ms Wendy Miller
global product manager, treasury services, Bank of New York Mellon
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Wendy Miller is a vice president and product manager in the treasury services division of The Bank of New York Mellon. She heads the remittance product proposition and is responsible for the overall strategy and the development, launch and management of the global wholesale remittance solution. She joined the Bank of New York Mellon in 2007 from HSBC where she was global product development manager, developing the bank’s prepaid card offerings, directed its remittance strategy and execution, and implemented a micro finance initiative in the Philippines.

Mr Wu Guoshan
deputy general manager, international department, Agricultural Bank of China

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Wu Guoshan was appointed the deputy GM for the international department of the Agricultural Bank of China (ABC) in 2006. In this role, he has global responsibility for ABC’s international business including trade finance, international settlement and foreign exchange regulation. Mr. Wu has been with ABC since 1998 when he was appointed as project manager in the foreign fund division. Before his current position, he was chief of foreign business supervision in 2000 and chief of international settlements in 2004.

Ms Yanti Agustin
head, Asia Pacific, global trade services, JPMorgan Treasury Services

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Yanti Agustin was recently appointed Asia Pacific head of trade finance and logistics for the treasury services division of JPMorgan in 2009. She has over 20 years’ experience, having worked in various credit, sales and corporate finance roles throughout her career. For the last four years at JPMorgan, she has been responsible for the trade finance business in the South East and South Asia regions for corporate and financial institution clients.

Ms Jane Sutton
marketing manager, Bankersalmanac.com
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Jane Sutton is the marketing manager for Bankers' Almanac. Her responsibilities include the strategic development of the due diligence repository, alongside market development for the Bankers' Almanac product portfolio. The repository provides a single, central source of the primary information required to conduct due diligence checks on bank counterparties and supports the principles of a risk-based approach to Anti-Money Laundering (AML). Prior to joining Bankersalmanac.com in 2000, Jane held marketing positions within the public and private sector.

Mr Christian Edelman
partner, Oliver Wyman
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Christian Edelman has worked with major financial institutions in Europe, Asia and the Middle East covering transaction banks, investment banks, (post)-trading organizations, and asset managers. Based in Zurich, he spends a third of his time in Asia, working with a broad range of clients in areas such as transaction strategy, business model optimisation, competitive analysis, partnership negotiations in trade finance and benchmarking. He is the co-author of the recent Oliver Wyman landmark reports on transaction banking.

Mr Elmer (Jojo) Malolos
group head, financial services group, Smart Communications
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Jojo Malolos has 10 years of telecommunications experience in strategy, operations, mergers, acquisitions, integration and change management. Founded on the potential of its mobile commerce solution called “Smart Money”, the financial services team that he heads has expanded the development and execution of new business models around sourcing and usage of funds that fuel commerce across customer segments via telecommunications channels. Previously, he was with IBM, and then PwC in director and business head roles in Singapore, Thailand and the Philippines.

Mr Martijn Rom Colthoff
head, financial services consulting, China, Capgemini Financial Services

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Martijn Rom is head of financial services consulting in China, leading a team focused on banking areas such as cards, payments and payment infrastructures, management information and distribution for retail banks, and risk management. Prior to joining Capgemini, he was a banker at Amro Bank (retail) and Staal Bankers (investment management). At Capgemini, he works primarily with large international banks on financial services strategy. For several years, he served as Capgemini’s alliance manager for SWIFT and led the global Centre of Excellence for Payments.

Mr Tim Pagett
partner and head, performance improvement consulting, China, PwC

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Tim Pagett is the partner in charge of the performance improvement consulting practice in China. He has over 23 years of experience spanning the full spectrum of risk management and regulation including lead roles in major Basel II programmes, risk management transformation, treasury/trading control related projects and major regulatory change programmes delivered in over 10 different countries both as a consultant and as a practitioner. His clients include the majority of leading global financial institutions and he is recognised as a market leader in his field.


The Technology and Operations Advisory Council Members 2009/10

Mr Venky Krishnakumar
senior advisor, DBS Bank

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Venky Krishnakumar is one of the most respected figures in banking in the Asia Pacific. He was chief operating and chief financial officer at Citibank’s global consumer bank, Asia Pacific, until his retirement in March 2005 after 31 years with the bank. He currently provides leadership and experience in his role as a senior advisor to Singapore-based DBS Bank, the largest bank in Southeast Asia. He has taken similar advisory roles for institutions such as McKinsey and Barclays, and currently sits on the board of several companies.
Mr Wu Yue
director, information center, China Banking Regulatory Commission

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Mr. Wu is a Doctor of Law and senior economist and currently is Director of China Banking Regulatory Commission Information Center. Previously, he worked in Audit Supervision Bureau and Banking Supervision Division 1 of People’s Bank of China, and Banking Supervision Department 1 of China Banking Regulatory Commission, and worked as Director General of China Banking Regulatory Commission Qingdao Supervision Bureau and China Banking Regulatory Commission Jilin Supervision Bureau. He has rich work experience in banking supervision.
Mr Philip Strause
international resource director, The Asian Banker.

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Philip Strause has close to 40 years’ experience working with commercial banks, investment banks, brokerage firms, insurance companies and other specialised financial institutions on strategy, risk management, profitability management, operations improvement and reengineering assignments and technology implementation. From 1997 – 2003, he headed Deloitte’s consulting practice to financial services firms in the Asia Pacific. He was a key contributor to several of Deloitte’s important studies on the future of retail banking.
Mr Umesh Jain
president and chief information officer, YES Bank

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Umesh Jain was appointed CIO at YES Bank in 2007. He brings 16 years of national and international experience across USA, Europe, Middle East and Africa, and has managed highly visible, multi geography driven strategic projects and programmes under various operating models including centralising, outsourcing and off-shoring. Prior to joining YES BANK, he was the business head for corporate and investment banking technologies at Citigroup IT Operations and Solutions (CITOS), providing IT services to global clients.
Mr A. Rajan
head, operations, HDFC

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A. Rajan has three decades of experience in all aspects of operations as well as overseeing corporate, retail, treasury, credit cards and custodial operations groups for HDFC Bank. He has contributed significantly in operations integration, new systems implementations, staff training, enhancement in revenue/operational efficiency through radical reengineering of processes and optimal use of technology. Prior to this, Mr Rajan was the CEO of Flexcel International (Flexcel), a joint venture between HDFC Bank and i-flex Solutions.
Mr Ahmad Shareza bin Abdul Rahman
head, virtual banking, Maybank .

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As head of the newly created Virtual Banking division, Ahmad Shareza is responsible for developing new e-service initiatives and other e-Business products and services. He has built on Maybank’s successes in internet banking, and led his team to produce innovative lifestyle products. Notable firsts include the 2006 launch of M2U Mobile, which extended the online banking experience to mobile phone users. With a focus on meeting customer needs, the virtual banking division helped contribute to Maybank winning this year’s Malaysia’s Most Valuable Brand award.
Mr Alex Escucha
first vice president, China Banking Corp.

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Alex Escucha has responsibility for strategic planning, investor relations, marketing services, public relations and the strategic marketing and customer aspects of IT in China Banking Corp., the first privately owned bank in the Philippines. With over 25 years of banking experience across multiple disciplines, he has management expertise ranging from strategy formulation to project implementation. He has served as the chairman of the Federation of ASEAN Economic Associations (FAEA).
Mr Kanchan Keshav Nijasure
chief technology officer, Bank Danamon

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Kanchan Keshav Nijasure was appointed in 2004 as the chief technology officer and member of the board of management of Bank Danamon Indonesia (BDI), Indonesia’s second largest private bank with over 1200 branches. In this capacity, he has spearheaded BDI’s technology vision to provide world class IT solutions to enable different BDI businesses to grow and provide delightful experiences to customers. Prior to BDI, he was the global technology head of Citibusiness at Citibank London and before that, head of corporate planning & development at Citicorp Infotech.
Mr Nick Dean
business technology partner, regional & country operations, ANZ Asia Pacific .

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Nick Dean moved to his current role from his previous position as CTO of ANZ. His responsibilities include establishing the key technology platforms to support the bank's regional operating model; leading the IT programmes underpinning ANZ's growth plans in the region and ensuring technology-business alignment across in 30 countries across Asia. Prior to this, he was ANZ's CTO and head of technology for retail and rural banking. Major initiatives in this area included implementing a major new telling system and replacing ANZ's retail internet banking application.
Mr Niko Bielovich
team leader, CRM development, National Australia Bank

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For the past 4 years, Niko Bielovich has been working at the National Australia Bank (NAB) in their CRM area. In 2008, he took up the role of managing the CRM Development business team, including the data management aspects of the assets. This team is responsible for shaping, specifying and delivering all projects and enhancements to NAB's world leading CRM capability and most recently its portfolio sales BI system. His prior experience spans BI, finance and marketing related projects in the energy, healthcare, telecommunications, financial services and banking industries.
Mr Tim Whiteley
executive general manager, enterprise service development, Commonwealth Bank of Australia

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Tim Whiteley has 25 years of experience in banking and finance and, as executive general manager of enterprise service development, is currently responsible for Commonwealth Bank of Australia’s enterprise wide applications. He played an important role in CBA winning two prestigious awards for distribution network integration and Internet banking from The Asian Banker. The bank achieved the largest online banking presence in Australia, including the best online proposition for mortgages with an approval turnaround time of 1 hour and 14% of all applications happening online.
Ms Voranuch Dejakaisaya
chief information officer, GE Money Thailand

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Voranuch Dejakaisaya has been the chief information officer of GE Money Thailand since April 2000. She heads the core banking platform setup and manages the IT operation infrastructure to support over three million retail banking customers’ needs for credit cards, personal loans, auto loans and financial products. Prior to this role, she was the director of information technology at GE Capital (Thailand) and vice president of the systems department for Finance One.
Mr André Cichowlas
head, technology development and integration, Cap Gemini

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André Cichowlas leads the global practice for technology development & integration in Capgemini’s Financial Services Global Business Unit. In this role, he focuses on issues critical to the CIO for the development of new applications and the maintenance of IT. Throughout his 24 year career with Capgemini, he has led large IT programmes and enterprise architecture engagements for banks and insurance companies, performed IT projects reviews and redesigns, and been involved with large systems implementations.
Mr Axel Winter
director, financial services, Deloitte

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Axel Winter joined Accenture in 1997 and worked on internet strategies, IT transformation and outsourcing in multibillion dollar projects. He then joined GE Money as CTO for Asia and set up a bank, global banking solution and a regional shared service centre. As global chief architect, he introduced enterprise architecture and SOA using mainly open source software. He has coached CIOs to drive effective IT. Axel recently joined Deloitte Consulting as head of financial services IT consulting in the region.
Dr Neil Katkov
senior vice president, Asia Research, Celent

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Dr Neil Katkov’s areas of expertise include the Asian financial services industry, financial services distribution channels and compliance issues including anti-money laundering and business continuity planning. Dr Katkov is based in the firm’s Tokyo office and produces Celent’s popular reports on IT spending trends in the Asian banking, securities and insurance industries and regularly advises leading financial institutions and technology vendors on their business, technology and compliance strategies.
Dr Steven Miller
dean, School of Information Systems, Singapore Management University .

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Dr Steven Miller is the founding dean of the School of Information Systems (SIS) at Singapore Management University and also serves as Practice Professor of Information Systems. Previously Dr Miller was chief architect executive for the business consulting services unit of IBM global services in Asia Pacific. He started as an assistant professor at Carnegie Mellon University, conducting research and teaching computer-integrated manufacturing and robotics applications and impacts. He has a Ph.D. in Engineering and Public Policy from Carnegie Mellon University.
Mr Christopher Marshall
managing director, Asia Pacific, SunGard

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Christopher, the managing director for SunGard Asia Pacific, specialises in enterprise risk management and performance measurement for financial service clients in Asia. He helps customers apply risk analytics and technology to comply with regulatory requirements, better manage their interest rate, market, credit and operational risks, optimise capital usage, and ultimately build a better bank. He holds an M.A. degree in Physics from Cambridge, a D.B.A. from Harvard and was formerly a professor of computing and of finance at the National University of Singapore.
Mr J. Spencer Greene
chief technology officer, financial services industry, TIBCO .

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Spencer Greene is TIBCO’s CTO for the financial services industry and the global financial exchanges business manager. He works closely with clients in banking, capital markets, exchanges and other related financial verticals, helping them solve critical IT and business challenges using TIBCO technologies. He brings deep financial knowledge and over 23 years of experience in commercial software. Before re-joining TIBCO in 2004, he founded a hedge fund employing an automated trading solution based on a custom statistics algorithm he personally designed and implemented.
Mr Wang Yuhui
chief executive officer, Agree Technology

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Mr Wang is the founder and CEO of Agree Technology, a leading professional financial services solution provider in Chinese banking industry. In the past sixteen years, Mr. Wang has led the company to become the No.1 domestic solution provider for branch teller systems, intermediary business applications, and multichannel platforms. He worked as an engineer at Industrial & Commercial Bank of China during 1989-1993.
Mr Felix Conner
executive advisor, Kasikornbank

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As executive advisor at Kasikornbank, Felix Conner helps set and manage some of the Bank’s strategic initiatives. With 20 years experience in IT, he has worked in Asia, Europe, North America in a number of senior roles. Previous positions include SVP at AXA, supervising the use of technology and process for North America and UK businesses, as well as CIO for Zurich General Insurance and UK Global Corporate, where he leveraged Sourcing as catalyst to increase the organisation’s agility and decrease operational cost.
Mr Carl Morath
head, global banking, Sun Microsystems.

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Carl has been a leader in the Sun Global Financial Services practice for the past four years. In this position, Carl is charged with working with Sun’s leading Financial Services clients worldwide to help link their business strategies to their technology infrastructures. A noted speaker, he is frequently invited to speak at industry conferences on topics such as innovation in the banking industry, mobility strategy, customer data integration, core renewal and business continuity planning.
  Mr Bowen Lau
lead consultant, Greater China, Actimize

Ms Rose Marie Sotelo
head, treasury risk, Land Bank of the Philippines



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