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Leveraging social media beyond product marketing

Date: September 8th, 2011
Time: Singapore 10:00am-10:45am

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Jerome Ong
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Although many banks in the region have a presence in social media, their use of this channel has been limited to marketing purposes, especially as an inexpensive marketing. However, content replication from other media, poor integration of social media into mainstream channels and data infrastructure combined with a lack of clear processes to govern responsibilities has affected the true potential of social media in retail financial services.

The Asian Banker is organising a teleconsultation session on the topic of “Building customer relationships with social media beyond pure product marketing”.
This teleconsultation session will address the following issues:

  1. Is there real value in adopting social media for retail banking?
  2. How need financial institutions be organised to connect to social media effectively?
  3. How can campaigns be effectively marketed and measured?
  4. The Does and Donts of creating a social media policy
  5. What resource allocation to build a social media presence?

We have invited two panellists who will share their view on their latest insights into social media usage among financial services and how banks can more effectively leverage on social media for improving customer relationships. Professor Brett King, a renowned public speaker and advisor to leading financial institutions and author of Bank 2.0, and Mr Matthew Dooley, a strategic thinker and marketing professional with over 20 years international experience driving transformation at two of the world’s leading banks. Mr Thomas Zink, senior research analyst at The Asian Banker will share some of the findings from the Excellence in Retail Financial Services Programme on current issues and trends in social media.

The session will be hosted by Mr Chris Kapfer, Head of Research at The Asian Banker.

This strictly 45 minute teleconference session is a must for heads of customer services,  retail banking, information management,  marketing, strategic planning and business development of financial institutions across the Asia Pacific region. It will also be of great interest to leaders of other industries, especially those related closely with the financial services industry.


Attendance is open only to staff who are clients of The Asian Banker, as well as subscribers and members of its different data and analytical programmes. To register or check if your institution is a client, please send your particulars (name, designation, email, phone numbers) to Jerome Ong at or at +65 6236 6175 by Wednesday 7th September 2011 at 11am (Singapore time) at the latest. We will send you the dial-in instructions prior to the session.

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