About The Asian Banker Summit  

About The Asian Banker Summit
The Asian Banker Summit is the foremost annual meeting for decision makers in the financial services industry in the Asia Pacific region. The Asian Banker Summit is several conferences in one, catering to a wide range of bankers, broker-dealers, treasurers and regulators.

We have deepened the quality of discussions on the traditional topics of risk, regulation, cash, treasury and trade. We have introduced a brand new conference that covers the growing importance of markets and the roles of exchanges in the financial services industry. We are also raising the stakes further through the use of the internet and social networking platforms to create new and important communities to respond clearly to the changes being brought on by greater regulation, competition and innovation.

One Summit, several conferences
The Asian Banker Summit has become several complementary dialogues that reflect the complexity of today’s industry dynamics. These include:

  • The Keynote and Thought Leadership Dialogues
  • The Risk and Regulation Dialogue
  • The Markets and Exchanges Convention
  • The Cash, Payments and Trade Conference
  • The Technology and Innovation Advisory Council

The Summit also features showcase events of the industry, namely:

  • The Annual Industry Leadership Awards
  • The Annual Industry Business Awards
  • The Singapore Bank/Exchange Tour
  • The Asian Banker Summit Showcase and Exhibition

The Other Conferences at The Asian Banker Summit 2010

For the full agenda of ALL the related conferences, please visit www.asianbankersummit.com

Other Features of the Summit include the following:

The Keynote and Thought Leadership Dialogues
The Opening Keynote is delivered by a political or industry leader in the host country. It is an opportunity to showcase achievements and explain policies to the international community.

The Thought Leadership Dialogues feature global leaders of interest to CEOs and senior-most executives. The Asian Banker Summit 2010 will feature seminal global figures in the vein of past speakers. In 2010, our globally renowned thought leaders will look at how the financial services industry is expected to shape up in the near future.


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  The Markets and Exchanges Convention to be held in conjunction with the 11th Asian Banker Summit.  
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