Specifically Designed for:

  • Chief risk officers, chief credit risk officers and chief market risk officers

  • Chief operating officers, chief financial officers and senior operational staff with responsibilities in operational risk

  • Board members and senior management responsible for risk management, audit, compliance, corporate governance and regulatory oversight

  • Executives from credit bureaus and credit agencies

  • Senior representatives from leading global consulting firms with core competencies in areas such as risk management, corporate governance, compliance, accounting standards and other key tactical areas

Specifically Designed for:

  • Chief technology officers and technology architects

  • Decision makers in the selection committees for new technology infrastructure

  • Heads of tactical divisions such as profitability systems, customer service improvement, product innovation and other initiatives within banks that take a holistic view of technology

  • Heads and senior executives of distribution systems interested in developing end-to-end architecture

  • Heads and senior executives of corporate planning and budgeting

Specifically Designed for:

  • Senior regulators and senior managers of government agencies

  • Chief executive officers, Presidents, chairmen and members of the Board

  • Members of Audit Committees and senior internal auditors

  • Corporate Secretaries, and Other Senior Management who works closely with the board

  • Senior decision makers responsible for compliance, corporate governance, supervision and regulatory oversight

  • Senior representatives from leading law firms with core competencies in regulation and compliance

Specifically Designed for:

  • Senior executives in trade finance, cash management, treasury management and payments of domestic and global banks

  • Regulators and government agencies

  • Executives of global financial institutions serving domestic banks in Asia

  • Service providers who help banks build their payments, cash, treasury and trade infrastructure

  • Senior executives responsible for trade-related activities and corporate treasury

  • Senior representatives of technology solutions companies as well as infrastructure players such as telecommunication companies and partner organisations




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