The Asian Banker Summit 2007

The Most Significant Annual Gathering of Decision Makers in Financial Services

The Asian Banker Summit, now in its eighth year, is the pre-eminent gathering of decision makers in the financial services industry in the Asia Pacific.

The Asian Banker Summit has convened annually since 2000 and is Asia’s foremost event on transformational issues in the financial services industry. Over the last eight years, the Summit has both reflected and grown with the financial services industry in the Asia Pacific. As issues in the industry have grown more complex each year, the discussions at the Summit have also become more sophisticated and incisive.

This year, we selected the Indonesian capital of Jakarta as our venue because Indonesian banks have made tremendous progress since the 1997 Asian crisis, and we would like leaders of the Asia Pacific financial services industry to have an opportunity to personally witness these developments. We had the following ten powerful events packed into an intensive four days:

The InterBank Conference on Cash, Trade & Treasury (26 – 27 March)
The Risk Management and Governance Conference (26 – 27 March)
The Technology and Operations Council AnnualMeeting (26 – 27 March)
The Leadership Advisory Forum and Closed-door Meetings for CEOs of Leading Banks (26 March)
Forum on Microfinance for Commercial Banks (25 March)
One-day Briefing and Tour of Indonesian Banks (28 March)
Workshops on Developments In Islamic Products & The Need For Change Across Multiple Dimensions; Advancements in Economic Capital & Balance Sheet Management; and Powering Business Through Decision Automation (28 March)
The Asian Banker Achievement Awards (25 March)
The Technology Awards (26 March)
The Financial Services Invitational Golf Challenge (25 March)

Who Attended?

Each year, about 500 CEOs, chairmen, executive vice presidents and other senior executives from financial institutions, as well as senior regulators, analysts and investors, gather at the Summit to discuss issues that are transforming the industry today.

Over the last eight years, the Summit has matured into an influential community of leaders in financial services from across the region. Today, the Summit is owned and driven by the industry, and is the only global dialogue of its kind held in the Asia Pacific.

To facilitate a rich learning experience, the eighth Summit will feature three concurrent anchor conferences focusing on critical industry issues:

1. The InterBank Conference on Cash, Trade & Treasury

As global trade, international capital flows and other cross-border transactions continue to accelerate, Asia’s need for financial services with a global reach is growing at an unprecedented pace. There is an intensifying demand for world-class facilities in trade finance, payments, treasury and cash management and these developments are dramatically altering the “financial institutions business” within banks.

Three main forces are at the heart of this fundamental shift: The corporate end users’ evolving requirements, technological advancements and global financial institutions’ initiative to offer increasingly sophisticated services via partnerships with domestic banks in Asia.
The InterBank Conference on Cash, Trade & Treasury brings together these three elements in what participants describe as “Asia’s very own Sibos”.

 The agenda has also been expanded into two concurrent streams

Trade Finance
Payments, Treasury and Cash Management 

2. The Risk Management & Governance Conference

At this stage of its maturity, risk management plays a significant role in the profitability and success of a financial institution’s business.  And as the practice of risk management advances, the senior practitioners who gather at the Summit each year are seeking ideas and techniques that can give their financial institutions the leading edge in an intensely competitive marketplace.
To broaden and deepen the risk management discussions at the eighth summit, we have created concurrent sessions focusing on credit, market and operational risk. Each is designed for incisive examinations of issues the industry considers as salient, from a practical viewpoint. We are also placing emphasis on the need for reforms in regulation kamagra uk. The risk-related discussions in 2007 will be aligned according to two main themes:

Regulatory and governance issues
Practical ideas and tools for senior risk practitioners to incorporate into their daily responsibilities in the areas of credit, market and operational risk  

3. The Technology & Operations Council Annual Meeting

The Technology & Operations Council consists of 20-25 heads of technology and operations from Asia’s leading banks, whose capabilities and experience represent the wide range of architectures, implementation cycles and maturity stages of the region’s financial institutions. These thought leaders meet annually in a council setting and the opinions they express at this significant gathering are some of the most sought-after perspectives on technology and operations available in the industry. They meet each year to achieve the following:

To review major decisions made over the past year
To identify key trends that will define Asian banks’ decisions on technology, architecture, infrastructure, operations and processes in the coming year
To provide the most credible platform in Asia for sharing experience and intensive learning among peers
To provide a rare insight into the thinking of the region’s most influential decision makers in technology and operations


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Day 1: Two top Indonesian ministers congratulate leadership award winners
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