Board and Management Strategic Offsite Programmes

Many financial institutions are increasingly running their board meetings outside of their home offices in order to generate greater esprit dé corp amongst board members and a shared sense of purpose and direction. These off-sites also provide opportunities for board members and senior managers to visit innovation centres and meet with leaders in these markets.

We work closely with boards to design Complete Strategic Offsite Programmes that include site visits, keynote speakers, discussions with local industry players, briefings on the local ecosystem as well as meeting the board’s own agenda. We keep very close to the KPIs agreed on with the institution to ensure all goals are met.

The services we provide include

Our fees will be based on:

Countries / Cities we have experience in running offsites: Silicon Valley, London, Switzerland, Istanbul, Dubai, Johannesburg , Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Bali, , Tokyo, Osaka, Seoul, Taipei.

Our Digital Journey – Strategy Formulation and Benchmarking Workshop

This is a benchmarking programme where we apply our proprietary benchmarking audit report to lead a discussion on a Suggested Roadmap for your organisation. The audit and the discussions will be centered around the following:

Our audits are comprehensive but not detailed. We audit the competition profile of your country and your competitor in addition to your own capabilities to build a suggested roadmap that is specific to your organisation.

The Audits and the Workshops are run by the most appropriate of our faculty members listed below.

The Future of Finance BootCamp

We run a 2-4 day inhouse training programme highly tailored to your organisation’s digital mobilization needs. The training takes into account the competitive profile that is specific to your country and ends with a discussion on a Suggested Roadmap. The Bootcamp can be a follow up after the Strategy Formulation and Benchmarking session above. The Bootcamp can take up to 30 participants at a time for an effective outcome.

The Bootcamp agenda below is programme specific to your bank. It will be tailored from the following topics and designed for up to four days. It can be delivered in parts to different parts of your organisation:

The Future of Finance Bootcamp


  1. The importance of having your own opinion on the future
    • The new rules in a digital future – where do these rules come from and what do they mean to your business – developments in technology, disruptors
    • The new regulations that leading financial centers have been putting in place that opens up the industry further to a digital future, and your country’s position on them
    • Where is the financial services industry heading – what kind of industry will it become
    • How are financial institutions suffering right now
  2. Thinking through the technology
    • Key transformational developments in a wide range of areas including open platforms, shared applications, crypto, blockchain, artificial intelligence, algorithms, who is doing what where, and how should your institution think about them
  3. Mapping your own institution’s competitive journey
    • Where is your organisation in the digital journey today (our assessment based on our explained methodology)
    • Where are your customers today and how do you take them from here to there
    • What are some of the best banks doing in their specific businesses – mortgages, lending, investment, small business, transaction services and others.
    • What are the technology and operation GAPS between your organisation and what it needs to achieve
    • What is the fintech phenomenon and how should your bank play in it
    • How to think about competition and cooperation
    • Where are your own people and how do you take your people from here to there (based on a people audit conducted before the session)
    • Building a culture of innovation within your organisation
    • Revenue models
  4. Setting milestones and KPIs
    • Setting KPIs specific to your own digital journey (presentation and discussion)
    • Setting a key mission statement that can be translated into customer experience and a brand


The Asian Banker has the expertise and content to design and deliver retreats for your entire bank. We work closely with your HR and other related teams, including event management and logistics. Our core capability is in designing the content and the speakers and group activities that can help use these retreats as an opportunity for your organisation to inculcate the values and objectives decided at a senior management level to all of the staff.

The reason you would use us to design your retreat are because:

Digital and Investor Audit Reports

The Asian Banker is probably the most experienced organisation in the audit of financial institutions for competitive study, benchmarking and GAP analysis. Our audits are used to support our awards programmes.

Digital Audit

  1. Your current strategy and direction
  2. Customer and peer perception
  3. Your current technology infrastructure and directions
  4. Digital’s contribution to your product level processes and client engagements
  5. Digital’s contribution to balance sheet goals - cost of funds, ALM etc
  6. Competitive and marketplace profile
  7. Evolution of digital social infrastructure in your country
  8. GAP Analysis
  9. Proposed KPIs
  10. Roadmap and Proposed Milestones

Investor Perception Audit

  1. General Investor Perception of your institution as an investment class – by region and by country levels
  2. General investor Perception of your institution specifically
  3. Key issues of investor concerns
  4. GAP Analysis
  5. Proposed Positioning and Supporting Activities