The annual forum to assess latest developments in China’s Financial Services industry

In the last two years, the landscape of the global financial services industry has changed dramatically. A lot of these changes can be attributed to the coming of age of the Chinese financial institutions. While institutions like ICBC and ABC are making world headlines in their global forays there are many other local players who are creating unique financial products and services to cater to the needs of China’s seemingly unstoppable economic boom. 

The China International Banking Convention will be a unique opportunity to understand the successes and challenges that the leading Chinese banks are facing today. It provides banks that are developing strong infrastructure and business lines at the provincial and city levels to be able to describe their developments to the international community, including potential investors, partners, counter-party banks and service providers. It also provides an opportunity for international and local partners to understand in greater depth, the aspirations and directions of these institutions.

A dialogue on key infrastructure and business level issues

The format of this event will be highly interactive to facilitate the learning and testing of ideas, and to maximise the level of networking among like-minded professionals.  The agenda, in response to the rapidly changing landscape of the Chinese banking system will include discussions on:

  1. Retail Banking
  2. Technology & Operations
  3. Risk Management 
  4. Transaction Banking

Chinese consumers, SMEs and corporates alike are becoming increasingly demanding and savvy when seeking out the financial products and services most suited to their particular needs. In this increasingly competitive and dynamic environment, it will be those most innovative and forward-thinking financial institutions that will thrive and grow together with their corporate and individual customers.

At the China International Banking Convention, you will be able to meet the leading players setting the pace in China’s banking industry and discuss the challenges and opportunities facing this buoyant sector and the strategies being developed to meet the threats and increase revenues.

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