Who Should Attend

The programme has attracted both highly experienced senior bankers as well as promising executives being groomed for leadership roles in their respective retail banks.

This programme is valuable to participants at all levels: CEOs, CFOs, CROs, heads of retail banking, heads of consumer lending products, heads of liabilities, the treasurer, the ALM manager and the product/business managers. All of these roles are recreated during the simulation exercises to give participants an idea of the decision making and teamwork building skills required in a real life environment.

Some of the senior bankers with broad proven experience told us that attending this programme helped harness their decision making instincts, because the world is changing around them. Testing of ideas during simulation exercises and learning from the consequences of those decisions in a competitive environment with other participants helped build confidence and dispel erroneous ideas.

In several cases, the people who benefited most from the programme are directors of retail banking, although the trainers have an eye out for promising young bankers who were sent by their banks to be trained for leadership roles.

This programme does not require accounting training, but all business owners should have the instincts for managing balance sheets and operational details.

Upcoming Retail Banking Leadership Programme
14-18 August, UK

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