The Programme

The Objectives
  • To rehearse your retail banking decision making skills for many different scenarios
  • To sharpen your own balance sheet instincts as a potential retail banking decision maker.
  • To exchange views with peers from across the region on global trends and best practices
  • To be mentored for leadership positions by a faculty of the most experienced veteran retail bankers with international experience

The Areas Covered

The programme is based on a mixture of simulation exercises, as well as case studies, group discussions and mentoring sessions. It uses very different scenarios to draw out the learning and is designed to harness the following skills:
  • Strong ALM, transfer pricing and cost-benefit analytical skills to laymen executives
  • Use risk and profitability measurements at business and customer level decisions
  • Appreciate technology and innovation on competition in a multi-channel environment
  • Strengthening product design, pricing, marketing and customer segmentation strategies
  • Aligning cost efficiency and productivity against meeting business objectives
  • Honing your team leadership and management skills
  • Understanding how to respond to regulations
  • Seeing the world through the eyes of the customer and thinking as retailers
The learning will be achieved around four detailed simulating exercises:
  • Competing for market share in a given cost and economic environment
  • Testing multi-delivery channel strategies to launch a product under specific market conditions
  • Product development: Testing demand elasticity and pricing strategies
  • Funding options: Understanding different options in a highly competitive environment.

The Approach

The programme approach involves part learning, part extensive reading, part discussions, part presentations and part rehearsing possible economic scenarios that can affect your business, with an element of mentoring built in. It involves five days of intense and highly interactive group activities, including four simulation exercises, group dynamics sessions on current topics and case studies as well as dinner conversations with industry leaders.


The programme is conducted primarily in the English language, although provisions can be made for translation services in other languages.

Upcoming Retail Banking Leadership Programme
14-18 August, UK

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