The Faculty

We are very proud that the faculty for this programme is made up of the most experienced retail bankers serving as teachers, facilitators and mentors as well as subject matter experts as invited speakers.

Meet Philippe

Philippe Paillart’s board and CEO level experience in Asia are especially valuable for this programme. He is the former vice chairman and CEO of DBS Bank Singapore. He was also chairman and CEO of Ford Credit and Ford Financial Services in the US. He was Group Executive Director of Standard Chartered Bank, in charge of global retail banking as well as Group Strategy. He pioneered the global personal banking in Citibank. He also served on the boards of BPI Philippines, Kwon-Ong Bank, Dao Heng Bank, MasterCard, Visa amongst others. His considerable board level skills provide considerable insights into how boards work today. He is also a great mentor, with a strong service mindset. He helps participants draw from their own personal experience and build a leadership persona that is unique to them. He spends personal time with participants and allows them to construct their own career plan during the programme.


Ziegfried Vermaak is founder and CEO of SimArch, as well as a leading expert in the design and delivery of learning solutions for commercial banks, central banks, bank training institutes, universities and business schools. He is also an expert in the implementation of the asset and liability management process in banking. Over the past fifteen years Vermaak delivered consulting projects and learning interventions in more than 35 countries. During this time he also designed several bank training programmes as well as a number of bank simulation programs. Prior to founding SimArch, Vermaak worked an independent management consultant to banks in Europe, Asia and Africa. He has led major projects including the development of a simulation program as an educational tool in order to enhance the understanding of commercial banking personnel preparing their banks for the implementation of the Basel II Capital Accord and subsequently Basel III. 
Matt Dooley is founder and director of Connected Thinking, providing digital strategy, marketing, and training to banks. Hi is a marketer with more than 20 years of experience working for HSBC and ANZ across three continents. He designed and launched HSBC's first Internet banking service to Asia back in 2000. Matt was global head of Internet strategy responsible for over 3,500 websites and more recently head of digital for HSBC's global commercial banking division. He is also a director of Next Bank and stays abreast of the latest trends in mobile and virtual technology as well as social media.

Emmanuel Daniel is the founder and chairman of The Asian Banker. He is the passionate principal architect of this programme and author of the various research and evaluation methodologies used in retail banking, technology and bank profiling today. He is reputed to be one of the very few analysts with an in-depth understanding of the workings of a wide cross-section of emerging market banks. Emmanuel will anchor all the main case studies and benchmarking sessions, and help participants build their own internal benchmarking instincts from the models his team has developed. Participants will benefit from the hours of direct interviews and research material developed for this programme in all of the key areas.

The programme is further augmented by invited guests and specialist speakers and supported by a team of researchers from The Asian Banker, to ensure a rich and varied experience as well as content for each participant.

Upcoming Retail Banking Leadership Programme
14-18 August, UK

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