Real leadership in retail financial services is having a deep instinct for the balance sheet and skills in mobilizing people, channels and technology to win and retain customer loyalty, every single day

As the industry evolves into a highly competitive phase with the transformational impact of technology, customer expectation and competition, leading retail banks will need strong leadership and decision makers with the instinct to make good decisions at every turn.
The only proven simulation-based programme designed for bankers to rehearse in great detail their own leadership instincts and build their decision making confidence in a fast changing marketplace.

Now in its fourth year, The Retail Banking Leadership Programme is already the hallmark training and mentoring programme to create and hone the skills of leaders in this highly competitive industry. It is the only proven simulation-based programme designed for bankers to rehearse in great detail their own leadership instincts and build their decision making confidence in a fast changing marketplace.

The programme covers the many connected skills in running a retail banking business today's ALM, treasury, capital cost, human resource, multiple channels, sales, sildenafil from india, risk management, operations, customer satisfaction and retention, shareholder profitability and even CSR in challenging economic situations.

For bankers already in a leadership role, this programme is designed to help review your own instincts in the business, especially in today’s changing world. For those being trained for leadership roles, this programme is designed to help you build the skills required to succeed as a retail banking professional for the future.

The programme is anchored by Donald Mullineaux, Chairman of the Board, Federal Home Loan Bank of Cincinnati and Philippe Paillart, formerly chairman of Ford Motor Credit in the US as well as vice chairman of DBS Group in Singapore, with global board level roles in Standard Chartered and Citibank. They are arguably two of the most experienced professionals in the industry, not just because of their own experiences, but because they have mentored and raised generations of retail bankers in their respective spheres.

With a combined experience of more than 50 years in the industry, they represent the best of decision makers with global experiences in the US, Asia, Latin America and Europe. Donald  and Philippe don’t just teach- they mentor, they exhort, they challenge, they provide wisdom, to each participant, in and out of the classroom. The sessions feel very different because they speak with distinguished experience and great empathy to their participants.

A highly experienced faculty

Donald  and Philippe’s roles are augmented by a faculty of very competent tactical specialists with deep skills in risk management, asset liability management, the impact of technology and operations, customer advocacy, sales and marketing and so on. This faculty approach to the programme ensures that the learning resources are rich, deep and varied. Each of the faculty members has hands-on experience in making decisions as well as passionate views on trends in their respective areas of specialization.

The simulation-based programme also ensures a unique peer learning environment's your peers are also your teachers. Five days of running simulations, reading case studies, debating issues, defending your position, making presentations and observing how you are scored every step of the way makes this the most rigorous programme of its kind in the industry.

For participants from around the world

The programme is moved to different cities every year to make it truly global. This ensures that participants will benefit from interacting with the unique changes taking place in different markets at different times. As this programme is marketed globally, anyone from any country can register to participate, regardless of where it is held.

The location choice of Singapore in 2016 reflect on the tremendous transformations and innovations taking place in these regions at present. We will be inviting additional local speakers with strong local experience to complete the resources available for this programme.

Participants will be presented with a Diploma in Retail Banking Leadership issued by The Asian Banker.

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