23 March 2012 | Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

Keep your consumer bank ahead of the technology curve

The Excellence in Retail Financial Services Innovation Conference is the annual learning event for retail bankers to be updated with the implications of the latest technology invading the industry today and respond strategically to changing customer behavior.

Featuring a combination of the most experienced ex-retail bankers and academics as faculty, and include subject matter experts as invited speakers and facilitators, in an environment to facilitate learning and an opportunity to test scenarios.

The programme is moderated by some of the most experienced professionals in the industry, hand-picked subject matter experts to assist in latest innovations and based on case studies analyzing market leaders from around the world.

The focus of the Retail Financial Services Innovation Conference is on:

  • Workshop 1: The Customer and Data
  • Workshop 2: Channel Management in a multi-device world
  • Workshop 3: The Future of Payments
  • Workshop 4: The Cloud and Retail Financial Services as a business
  • Workshop 5: Process and Productivity
  • Strategy Session: On Cost and Benefit Analysis of investing in Breakthrough Technology as well as managing technology as part of the business


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