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  Asian Institute of Finance (AIF) aims to elevate Malaysia’s role as a premier provider of comprehensive training solutions for the financial services industry. Our mission is to establish world-class training programme design, content, instruction and delivery of the finest human capital development in the financial sector. To achieve this mission, AIF works closely with the training institutes, namely Institut Bank-Bank Malaysia (IBBM), Islamic Banking and Finance Institute Malaysia (IBFIM), The Malaysian Insurance Institute (MII) and Securities Industry Development Corporation (SIDC). AIF was jointly established by Bank Negara Malaysia and Securities Commission Malaysia. AIF aims to enhance the quality, standards and delivery of training to equip the financial industry’s workforce with the skills and capabilities to compete and excel in the dynamic and global financial market place.

Around the world, every second of every day, First Data makes payment transactions secure, fast and easy for Financial Institutions, Merchants and their Customers. First Data leverages its unparalleled product portfolio and expertise to drive customer revenue and profitability. Whatever the payment choice, First Data takes every opportunity to go beyond the transaction.

We are a major independent payments processor in the Asia Pacific region with significant presence in ASEAN, Greater China, Australia, Korea, India and New Zealand. With the ability to tailor solutions for regional and local requirements, First Data offers a comprehensive range of payment services to meet clients’ business needs in Asia Pacific.

  KIVA Respect is the first fully operational, truly unified, multi-channel delivery platform for banks.

KIVA Respect addresses the need for a unified multi-channel approach to transaction processing, service delivery and customer service.

KIVA Respect integrates with your core system and eliminates the barriers commonly faced in delivering consistent personalised service across all channels - teller, face-to-face agents, self-service, web, IVR, email, phone and back-office.

KIVA Respect gives banks the ability to operate more efficiently and blend customer service with personalised selling to drive sales and build stronger relationships.
  TCS Financial Solutions is a strategic business unit of Tata Consultancy Services. Dedicated to providing business application solutions to financial institutions globally, TCS Financial Solutions has compiled a comprehensive product portfolio under the brand name of TCS BaNCS. Our mission is to provide best-of-breed solutions that drive growth, reduce costs, mitigate risk, and offer a faster speed to market for our customers. TCS Financial Solutions delivers state-of-the-art software solutions for the banking, insurance and capital markets industries worldwide. For more information, visit us at www.tcs.com/bancs


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