Be part of the largest International Retail Banking Conference

Asia Pacific’s retail banking industry demonstrated its resilience in its baptism of fire in 2008-09 by accruing the benefits of a conservative business model, solid capitalisation, conservative risk-taking and common-sense lending practices. As economies slowly come out of an extended government stimulus, the face of the industry is sure to undergo a rapid change in the coming years.

The recent Basel III accord, the rapid innovations in technology and business processes and most importantly the leap in customer expectations are keeping the industry leaders on their toes.

The Excellence in Retail Financial Services programme assesses more than 140 banks from over 30 countries to celebrate the achievements of institutions, businesses and individuals who have played a pivotal role in taking the industry forward. The awards programme has a long history of rigorous assessment and transparency which includes the work of an eminent panel of advisors who control, supervise and complement the work of Asian Banker Research.

Overall, the programme has 3 distinct events:

  1. Excellence in Retail Financial Services awards
  2. Heads of Retail Banking Business Dialogue and
  3. The Retail Banking conference breakout sessions













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